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March 23rd: vs. Hammerheads (finals)

Hammerheads 11 – IceCutters 2

Cutters defense porous in season finale

The season ended for the IceCutters with an old-fashioned ass-whuppin’ administered by the Hammerheads.  The Cutters skated strong and never gave up, out-shooting the Hammerheads 25-22, but in the absence of two of their starting three defensemen, the Cutters were vulnerable.

It was still a great season.  Thanks to all of our fans.  The Cutters will be merging with the Jets for the summer, hopefully to be reconstituted in the fall. 

This is a time of transition for the Icecutters, as several long-time players ride (skate?) off into the sunset.  Hats off to:

Luke “Prosecutor” Bergstrom: One of the original Human Zambonis, assistant captain from the beginning, a two-way player who never hesitated to dig a puck out of a corner or an opposing winger out of the crease.  Luke showed his dedication on many occasions, including coming straight to the rink from the hospital after the birth of his son.

Eric “Bobby” Boucher: Another original Zamboni, our other assistant captain, another contributor both on offense and defense, as well as behind the scenes as webmaster for several seasons.  Eric was one of our most reliable players, and his wife Wendy one of our most reliable fans.  Best of luck to you both.

March 16th: vs. Red Army (semi-finals)

IceCutters 4 – Red Army 2

Cutters finish strong in nail-biter to erase late deficit, advance to finals

Two motivated teams faced off in San Mateo – the Cutters, still stinging from last week’s defeat, and the Red Army, inspired by their previous victory.  Talk on the Cutter bench was that the Army goalie had wrenched his back and had been replaced with a D-level substitute.  The first period was a stalemate at 0-0, with both teams aggressively defending their goals, each goalie strong in net.  The Cutters struck first in the second as Scott “Cannon” Metzner collected another of his trademark right-place-right-time goals in front of the net, assisted by Jack “O’Hit” Hutcheson and Luke “Prosecutor” Bergstrom.

The Army marched back later in the second, collecting a pair of goals 40 seconds apart, as defensive breakdowns allowed a screened shot from the point and a crossing pass.  But goalie Elliot “Big E” Kallen brought his A-game tonight, the Cutters tightened up defensively, and the Army didn’t score again.

Late in the third, it looked like the Army might notch its second consecutive one-point victory, as penalties had the Cutters a man down for four minutes between 13:17 and 8:10.  As the clock wound down to 4:00, the Cutters stepped it up and put a mad offensive press, resulting in a goal by Jon “I still don’t have a decent nickname” Viray from Hutcheson.  Inspired, the Cutters kept up the pressure and less than a minute later Jerry “Speedy” Gonzales netted the game-winner on a pass from Viray.

The Army managed one last gasp and appeared to score after a wild scrum in front of the Cutter net, but the goal was waived off as a hand-pass.  After pulling their goalie with a minute to play, Bob “Penalty Box” Jaimeson broke his own longest-goal record by scoring from well within his own zone with 11 seconds to play, sealing the victory.

It was also “5” night for the refs, as everyone who sat in the box for both sides had a 5 on their jersey.  Representing the Cutters were Jameson (#50), Bergstrom (#5), and Gonzales (#58).  Representing the Army was Bergstrom’s doppelganger (#5) and that guy (#35) who kept laughing each time we had a penalty.

With that, the Cutters advance to the finals to take on their nemesis, the Hammerheads … see you next Sunday at 4:45.

March 9th: vs. Red Army

Red Army 3 – IceCutters 2 

Strong performance by Army goalie, weak finish sink Cutters

The ‘Cutters continued their strong-start/weak-finish pattern against the surging Red Army in a preview of next week’s first-round playoff game.  After talking smack about how the Army goalie gives up a lot of rebounds, the Cutters were surprised to watch virtually every shot caught or smothered.  The Army initially looked pretty slow, with the Cutters applying a lot of pressure and a pair of goals in the first.  Even as the Army scored three unanswered goals, it looked like they should have lost based on how much time they spent in their own zone.  But eventually the relatively short Cutter bench (11 skaters to the 17 Army) seemed to tire a bit, the balance shifted, and the Army’s last goal with 3:13 left in the third was enough to put the game away.

Scoring for the Cutters were Eric “Bobby” Boucher on an excellent crossing pass from Jerry “Gonzo” Gonzales on a power play.  Jerry also scored an unassisted shortie.

Missing for the third week in a row was Dale “Killer” Miller, out with a back injury.  Get well soon!  Like, preferably before next week!

Next week’s playoff game is against the same Red Army at San Mateo at 10:45 – ugh.  If we win that, the final game (no doubt against the Hammerheads) will be Sunday the 23rd at 4:45.

March 2nd: vs. Usual Suspects

IceCutters 9 – Suspects 1   

Points for everyone during The Usual Ass-Whuppin

The team continued its ownership of the Suspects at Vallco despite a short bench and crappy ice.  Opening up the scoring was Eric “Bobby” Boucher, followed by the season’s longest goal as Bob “Slap Shot” Jamieson scored from his own blue line, catching the Suspect goalie entirely by surprise. Also getting on the scoreboard were Mark “Kangaroo” Maxham and Scotty “Cannon” Metzner, who had a hat-trick denied by half a second as the second-period buzzer sounded as his shot crossed the goal line.  Rounding out the goals were Jon “Punisher” Usich with a hat trick, and Jerry “Gonzo” Gonzales with a pair, including a blistering slap shot from the point.  Jack “O’Hit” Hutcheson collected a pair of assists, along with Jason “24” Binstock and Jon “2.4” Viray.  (I forgot to bring the sheet so I’m sure I missed one or two.)  Goalie Elliot “Big E” Kallen was denied a shutout late in the 3rd as the Cutters were nearly lulled to sleep.

Hats off to #4 on the Suspects, who may be the toughest player on their team despite being the smallest.  And Tait, man, you deserve better defense in front of you than that.

February 16th: vs. Vikings

IceCutters 5 – Vikings 4      

Cutters do just enough to win in tight game

Another nail-biter had the Cutters and Vikings within two goals of each other the whole game.  The first line came out of its scoring slump as Jack “O’Hit” Hutcheson scored his first-ever natural hat trick plus an assist and, Blair “Speedin’” Wheadon picked up the first goal as well as three assists.  Also getting on the board with an unassisted blast from the point was Eric “Bobby” Boucher (probably just showing off for the lovely and talented Wendy Boucher).  Assists were tallied by Jon “Love them refs” Usich and Mark “I was robbed!” Maxham, who also had a sure goal stolen by a ref whistle.  Goalie Elliot “Big E” Kallen had several big stops, though a couple of stick-handling snafus handed the Vikings a pair of easy goals.  The Vikings, like the Hammerheads last week, were a fairly one-dimensional team; their four goals were either potted or assisted by whoever was wearing #1.

February 9th: vs. Hammerheads

Hammerheads 8 – IceCutters 5                 

Hammerheads take over first place after disappointing loss

A close-fought battle was decided by whose pucks were going in and whose weren’t, as the Cutters and Hammerheads traded goals for most of the game.  Goalie Elliot “Big E” Kallen struggled with several bouncing, fluttering shots.  Balanced offense continued as goals were contributed by Jerry “Speedy” Gonzales, Bob “Slap Shot” Jameson, Jon “C’mon, Ref!?” Usich, Scotty “Five Hole” Metzner, and Jon “The Other 24” Viray.  Collecting assists were Usich, captain Craig “Dive! Dive!” Moore, and Jack “O’Hit” Hutcheson (2).

Of note was the fact that the Hammerheads are basically a two man team when it comes to scoring:  Every one of their goals was either scored or assisted by #66 (three goals, two assists) or #11 (three goals, three assists).  We’ll have to remember that when we meet in the playoffs …

February 2nd: vs. Red Army

IceCutters 6 – Red Army 0                         

Cutters start strong, cruise to shutout

It was Fan Night at the San Mateo arena, with ten rabid fans giving the Army a piece of their minds (what little was left) during the evening’s spanking.  We appreciate your support.

The Cutters scored all six in the first twenty minutes to put the game away, then kept a defensive posture until the last thirty seconds or so.  Hanging on to the season’s first shutout was Elliot “Big E” Kallen, stopping 24 shots (supposedly – the scorekeeper was playing with his cell phone most of the night).  Scotty “Garbage Man Jr.” Metzner owned the Army goalie, picking up a hat trick (plus an assist) by living in front of the goal and potting rebounds.  Also scoring were Bob “Extrovert” Jaimeson (unassisted), Blair “Speedin’” Wheadon, and captain Craig “It would be fine with me if Scott took the nickname ‘Garbage Man’” Moore.  Assists were tallied by Wheadon (2), Jon “I wish I was still 24” Viray, Dale “Killer” Miller (2), and Jack “O’Hit” Hutcheson.

January 26th: vs. The Usual Suspects

IceCutters 13 – Usual Suspects 5              

“Believe it or not, this one was closer than it should have been!”

This game was a blowout from the drop of the first puck, and the team isn’t exactly sure why.  The last contest against this team finished with a score of 6-3, much closer than the slaying the ‘Cutters gave the Suspects this time.  Scoring was early and often, with star forward Blair “Speedin” Wheadon finding the back of the net unassisted with just 24 seconds having ticked off of the clock.  Just over three minutes later, Scotty “Cannon” Mentzer put one in, this time assisted by Wheadon.  Not to be left out of the fun, a minute and a half later captain Craig “I’m NOT a Garbage man!” Moore, with help from Jason “Jack and The” Binstock, and Jon “I WON’T give up number 24” Viray potted one for the second line.  The ‘Cutters went on to score no less than five more goals in the period, going into the second with an 8-2 lead over the now defunct Suspects.

The Suspects put up a bit more of a fight in the second, holding the ‘Cutters to only two goals, while both teams found the net three times in the third.  While this one was a total blow out, look for the Suspects to come back with revenge on their minds the next time these two teams meet.  The ‘Cutters leading points scorer on the night was Viray, with a goal and five assists, followed closely by Wheadon with three goals and two assists.  Also scoring were Jack “I’m feeling much better now” Hutcheson, and Bob “Old Time Hockey” Jamieson.

See you next game! (Don’t ask, check the schedule)

January 12th: vs. Vikings

IceCutters 5 – Vikings 3                              

“It looked like hockey.”

This game was fast and well-played by both sides, with the Cutters displaying the balanced offense and tenacious defense that has them in first place.  The game wasn’t as close as the score suggested, as the Cutters kept leads of 3-0, 4-1, and 5-2 until late in the 3rd.  Elliot “Money” Kallen was totally solid between the pipes.  And for a change, the reffing was really good, with only five penalties a side.  Can we ask for those refs again??

Opening the scoring was Bob “Old School” Jaimeson, who ripped one from near the blue line early in the first.  Captain Craig “Garbage Man” Moore may be looking for a new nickname, as he set up a perfect pass for a goal for Jon “Zippy” Viray and another for Scott “It’s a sad day for Pittsburgh” Metzner.  Also scoring was Blair “Speedin’” Wheadon, who also put on a tour-de-force playing D in the third.  Eric “Bobby” Boucher tallied an assist, as did Dale “Killer” Miller (2) and Jerry “Speedy” Gonzales.

Missing in action for the second straight week was Jack “Bastard” Hutcheson.  Jack, where are you???

January 5th: vs. Hammerheads

IceCutters 9 – Hammerheads 3

IceCutters Finally Get The Better of This Divisional Powerhouse 


Going into tonight’s game, the IceCutters were facing an 0-2 game deficit to this team (although one of those two losses did come in preseason), and with a light bench compared to the Hammerheads’ overflowing bench, things didn’t look promising.  But the ‘Cutters came out with something to prove, and immediately started putting points up on the board, despite losing a star defenseman, Jon “The Punisher” Usich, in the first period after a hard boarding hit in retaliation for a nasty slash that left Usich with a four inch welt on his neck.  Additionally, the ‘Cutters spent a good portion of the game at least a man down, and at one point brilliantly killed off a 5 on 3 advantage for the Hammerheads.


Without a stat sheet I’m sure I’ll miss someone here, but goal scorers for the IceCutters included usual hot shoe Blair “Speedin’” Wheadon with a beautiful break away net, new speed demons Jon Viray and Jerry Gonzales (Jerry with a hat trick + ONE!), Bob “Jeez ref, can’t I just play hockey?” Jamieson, Jason “I’m Back In Da House!” Binstock, and Eric “How do I keep getting stuck with the website updates?” Boucher.


This was an important win for the ‘Cutters, and demonstrated to the Hammerheads that this isn’t a team to simply roll over and play dead.  This should be an exciting second half to the season, and the IceCutters intend to take it right down to the wire.


December 15th: vs. Red Army

IceCutters 5 – Read Army 2

Three strong Icecutter periods sink Army 


It looked like the Cutters might have their hands full as the Army came out fighting, taking a 2-1 lead in the first.  They lost that lead on a stunning play by Jon “Virile” Viray, who startled the Army goaltender by forechecking hard while defending a power play, collecting an unassisted shortie.  The tone was set for the rest of the game, as the Army never scored again.  Also scoring were James “Speedy” Gonzales (2), Bob “Old School” Jamieson, and Blair “Speedin’” Wheadon.  Jamieson collected two assists, and one each was had by Scotty “Cannon” Metzner, Luke “Prosecutor” Bergstrom, and Dale “Killer” Miller.


The defense continued its strong play, giving up few scoring chances, as well as collecting the usual trips to the box.  A change of jersey by “Killer” Miller failed to deceive the refs.  Elliot “Big E” Kallen was strong in the goal.


The Icecutters are off until January, so have a happy holiday season, and we’ll see you next year.

December 8th: vs. Usual Suspects

IceCutters 6 – Usual Suspects 3

With only three skaters on the bench, the ‘Cutters still manage to pull out the win. 


It looked like a pretty impossible task tonight.  The ‘Cutters bench consisting of a single defenseman and two forwards, versus the Usual Suspects’ overflowing bench, but ‘Da Boys managed to get on top early and stay there.  Don’t have the stat sheet in front of me, but I do know that Blair “Speedin’” Wheadon tallied four assists on the night, Craig “Garbage Man” Moore (Sorry Mr. Moore, but the guy just keeps living up to his name!) tallied a net, and Jack “O’hit” Hutcheson skated his ASS off and potted at least a couple!


Next game…well, just click on “Schedule” in the top menu and see for yourself.

November 24th: vs. Vikings

IceCutters 5 – Vikings 4

Gritty play, questionable officiating keep game tight 


Suspect refereeing dogged the Cutters as the Vikings scored all four of their goals on the power play, with three of our four defensemen spending considerable time in the box.  Dale “Killer” Miller continues to be a marked man in the eyes of the referees, gathering four trips to the box.  The first referee seemed to have it in for a select few players, and the second was a trainee who seemed lost on the ice and unable to stay out of the way of clearing passes.  Both referees were taken in by fine acting performances by certain Vikings.


The Cutters out-shot their opponents 24-20, and continued their balanced scoring attack with five goals from four players: Bob “Old School” Jameson, Jerry “Speedy” Gonzales, Jack “Polar Bear” Hutcheson (2), and Craig “Garbage Man” Moore (returning to his scoring form by parking his big ass in front of the net).  Tallying assists were Hutcheson, Jameson, Blair “Speedin’” Wheadon (2), and Eric “Bobby” Boucher (2).


The Cutters’ next game December 8th, so until then, happy Thanksgiving.

November 17th: vs. Hammerheads

IceCutters 4 – Hammerheads 5 (OT)

IceCutters snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in late collapse 

It was a dark evening at Vallco for the Cutters (although they did finally fix the lights) as they squandered a two-goal lead with under three minutes to play, losing in overtime to a determined Hammerhead team.  Penalties haunted the Cutters, as the 3rd and 4th goals were scored during a 5-on-3 and 5-on-4; the Cutters had five penalties while the Hammerheads had none.  While the Hammerheads continued their cohesive, pass-oriented play seen in the Cutters’ only other defeat, the score sheet revealed that their #40 scored three of their four goals and assisted on the other two.  So #40 can expect to have a lot less open ice next time the teams meet …

Scoring for the Cutters were the entire 2nd line of Luke “Prosecutor” Bergstrom, Eric “Bobby” Boucher, and Jason “I hate NASA” Binstock, as well as Blair “Speedin’” Wheadon.  The other forwards, Jack “Polar Bear” Hutcheson and Mark “Prick” Maxham were denied several point-blank shots by the excellent play of the Hammerhead goaltender.  The defense continued its strong play (until the last three minutes).

The Icecutters also send best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery to Jon “New Guy” Viray, who injured his wrist playing pick-up on Friday.

This week’s Fan Recognition Award goes to Shannon “Powerplant” Maxham, who made the arduous trek down to Vallco, only to watch the last period of the embarrassing collapse.

November 10th: vs. The Red Army

IceCutters 5 - The Usual Suspects 1

IceCutters demolish Army, despite outstanding goaltending


A strong showing by the ‘Cutters against a much-slower-than-I-remember Red Army team resulted in a victory that was even more lopsided than the score suggests.  The defense continued to put points on the board, led by the first two goals from Dale “Old School” Miller and Jon “Punisher” Usich (plus an assist). Also finding the net were Jack “Polar Bear” Hutchinson (twice) and John “The New Guy” (once, plus an assist).  Another assist was tallied by Blair “Speedin” Wheadon.  The Red Army goalie stood on his head during a game where it seemed like the Cutters spent most of their time in the offensive zone.  Only an impressive series of glove-saves kept this game from being a complete massacre.  The game was fairly clean, with the exception of one guy taking some head shots at Scott “Cannon” Metzner.  The IceCutters continued their trend of sitting in the box less than their opponents, taking advantage of this to put in two power-play goals.


Also of note was the turnout of our dedicated fans, led by Wendy “Turf Toe” Boucher (despite a swollen, black and blue foot), with Shannon “Pilot Chick” Maxham, and Rose “the big one is my son” Hutchinson.



Next week we’re back at Valco – oh joy.

November 3rd: vs. The Usual Suspects

IceCutters 4 - The Usual Suspects 3

IceCutters hang on to win in OT


Despite the absence of ¾ of the team’s normal defensemen, as well as its main offensive weapons, the Cutters managed to start strong, hang on, and eventually defeat the Usual Suspects in overtime.  Scoring for the Cutters were captain Craig “Garbage Man” Moore, Scotty “Cannon" Mentzer, Mark “What was my nickname again?” Maxham, and with the game-winner, Luke “The Prosecutor” Bergstrom.  Metzner and Moore each talled two assists.  This game also marked some sort of IceCutters first, as they had five penalties to our one.  Special thanks to Jason “Jack and the” Binstock for keeping his composure after some devastating and rude hits from the Suspects.  The medicine must be working.


Also the website would like to welcome The New Guys, whose names temporarily escape me.  Our newest teammates have been big contributors on offense and defense and are fine additions to the roster (which will be updated Real Soon).


For questions regarding this website, or the IceCutters Hockey Club, please send email to